China Roll Forming Machine suppliers

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China Roll Forming Machine suppliers

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Joint Hidden Roll Forming Machine
The joint-hidden roll forming machine adopts the Taiwan Delta DVP host computer, which uses the electronic control system of the text screen display and easy to operate and easy to use.
The angular-angle forming equipment adopts high-level automatic control software to realize production information management; the whole unit automation control system adopts highly integrated network to make the automation system performance superior; the angular-angle forming equipment also has advantage of easy operation, easy maintenance, debugging function and quick mold replacement. It is widely used in fields of color steel tile full steel structure plant frame, single-sided color steel plate steel structure workshop, multi-span steel structure workshop, wood driving beam factory building, villa-type color steel plate room with cross-color steel plate canopy, roof top layer, large span factory building, Light steel structure ring shed.
No Technical Specification
1Manual UncoilerUsage:It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in a turnable way. The steel coil is uncoiled by hand. Loading capacity:1.2T,Inner diameter: 500-508mm
2Feeding TablePut the raw material(steel plate) through the beach to manufacture and process, it can guarantee that the products are neat, parallel and everything is uniformity. Please refer to the equipment regulation to know the function of locate angle iron.
3Main Roll Forming MachineMaterial of rollers:45# steel,roller surfaces polishing, hard plating , The polished surface and the heat treatment towards the molds also can keep the molding plate surface smooth and not easy to be marked when it is being stamped
4Hydraulic System
Computer Control CabinetPower:5.5kw,Hydraulic oil: 40#
hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank ,the pump drive the cutter machine to begin the cutting job.
The target piece`s length is adjustable and digit of it can be adjusted. Computed mode has two modes: automatic and manual one. The system is easy to operate and use
5Shearing MechanismIt adopts the hydraulic drive and automatic location to decide the dimension and cut the target products.
Material of blades: Cr12,quenching treatment
6Output TableIt adopts welded steel and supported roller to transmit the products,which is used to collect the finished products.
1. Tighten to container with steel wire rope and welded machine with container by angel iron
2. Main forming machine and un-coiler is naked(If you need we can also packed with water-proof plastic)
3. PLC contral system and motor pump are packed in wooden box with water proof paper coverage
Company Information
Our company is a manufacturer with strong technologies for cold-forming equipment and its whole automatic production line . Our products are mainly used for IBR ,corrugated , glazed tile roll forming machines ,as well as the C Z purlin machine , light keel steel machine,shutter door machine,floor decking machine etc .
After-sales Service:
This producing line is maintained free of charge for 12 months.When the machine is used in China,we will install and debug the machine for free;if it is used at abroad,we will send the professional technician to debug.Buyers should take all the fees for technicians travelling abroad.
All the parts in the roll forming machine is free to maintain all the life,if in 12 months our company bear the cost for exchanged the broken part like the new parts cost and express cost,if more than 18 month,we also free to maintain the broken parts but for send the new parts,the buyer need bear the express cost.
Our customers
1. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer with 20 years experience
2. Is there any spare part send for free?
Yes, pls contact us we can talk it
3.Is the machine automatic?
Yes, it can be manual and automatic
4.Is engineer available to service overseas market ?
Yes , we can send technician to your company for installation and adjustment , Training your workers to operate the machine . Buyer should charge for visa,round ticket ,food and accommodation overseas and $60/person/day for salary .
5.How many workers is needed for the machine operation ?
One worker is enough ,as the machine can be connected with a computer to have an automatic cutting system
6.How can we be assured that you will deliver us quality machine with spare parts?
A:1. Customers to send the technical people to our factory for checking the quality.
2.We can send the technicians to the buyer`s factory for the installation of the machine.
3.Good aftersales-service, its free of charge during the warranty period.China Roll Forming Machine suppliers

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