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buy Led Moving Head Lights

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Model: HL-LY002 19*30 LED Moving Light
* Electronic linear zoom: 4°-60°
* Zoom step motor: 3pcs linear 2-phase, low noise
* Electronic dimming: 0-100% linear
* Electronic strobe: 0-20 flashes/sec.
* Built-in strobe macro and speed adjustable
* Built-in color fade in & out macro, speed adjustable
* Built-in color jumping macro, speed adjustable
* Built-in rainbow macro, speed adjustable
* Built-in abundant patterns macro
* Built-in patterns chase programmes
* Built-in effects macro, speed adjustable
* Dot matrix in 3 circles, with individual colors control of each
* Dot matrix in 6 sections, with individual colors control of each
* Pixel individual control, each color of each LEDs can be controlled alone
* 4 operation modes: beam, wash, patterns and effects
* Wonderful effects (Vortex, Kaleidoscope)
* Front lens disc bi-directional unlimited rotation
* Lens disc rotation motor: 1pc linear 2-phase
* Motor rotation: bi-direction, speed adjustable
* Dimming curve: 1 type
* Light ouput (full Bright)@4°: 6708Lux@6mtr
* Light ouput (full Bright)@60°: 409Lux@6mtr
* Optic lens material: acrylic
* Optic lens type: honeycomb
1. Carton can be customized to print logo
2. 1units/master carton, carton size(mm): L480 x W350 x H510
3. 2units/flight case, flightcase size(mm): L850 x W420 x H585
* Housing (head): die-cast flame retardant plastic
* Housing (base): iron and plastic
* Housing color: black (white optional)
* Housing surface treatment: baking finished
* Power supply: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz (auto-ranging)
* Power consumption: Max. 270W
* Auto switching power supply unit, PFC>0.95
* Power In/Out: Powercon, daisy chain
* Power linking: up to 2units@120V and 4units@230V
* Heatsinks in high efficency die-casting aluminium
* Cooling for head: forced air convection with 1 fan
* Cooling for base: forced air convection with 2 fans
THERMAL MANAbuy Led Moving Head Lights

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