Single Axis Laser Diameter Gauge manufacturers

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Single Axis Laser Diameter Gauge manufacturers

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In-line Diameter Control Instrument
OPMAC 25AL, measuring range: 0.1-25mm
Laser Diameter Gauge,laser range finder
1.Non-contact laser measuring product diameter, fast measurement speed, high precision, good repeatability.
2. Applicable to metal wire, glass pipe, rubber hose, wire and cable, etc., on extruder and tractor automatic feedback control, make the diameter control in the tolerance range, real-time display and control the outside diameter of products in the process of production, improve quality control and production efficiency, save raw materials.
3. A variety of digital and analog control signal functions to achieve full automation of production.
4.With nominal value, up and down difference, alarm control preset value, easy to operate.
5.The standard data interface can be connected to the open communication protocol of computer, PLC, industrial controller, special controller and large-screen monitor, which is convenient for developing software for data analysis.
XZ:Standard diameter of the measured objective
Working condition & Environment
Power requirements:176V ~ 264V AC 50Hz
Operating condition: 5 ~ 45℃ ≤85%RH
Consumed Power:≤12WSingle Axis Laser Diameter Gauge manufacturers

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