Wireless Home Theater System suppliers

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Wireless Home Theater System suppliers

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1. Your home cloud disk and personal data housekeeper, which can centrally store and manage the data (picture, video, music, file) of your family members.
2. Can quickly build your own private cloud, farewell to all kinds of slow internet cloud disk (Baidu net disk, etc.)
3. Designed for the long-term preservation of documents, data security, efficient transmission, stable operation and reliable.
4. Can be shared and transferred the documents between accounts, improve the communication efficiency.
5. Multi-user storage system for home users and small teams, each user manages his or her own data file separately.
6. Supports quick backup of the photos, videos and address books of the mobile phone thus no need to worry the data lost.
7. Powerful data management, automatically classify your files and quickly find your files.
8. Provides file-level data encryption to protect your privacy.
9. Provide a variety of application plug - ins to make the best use of your home cloud.
10. Dual gigabit net port, high speed reading and writing. Single port mode up to 120 Mbyte,
dual port aggregation state up to 160 Mbyte for file reading and writing.
11. Using Marvell 385 high performance chip.
Hardware Configuration
CPUDual core Marvell 385 ARM Cortex-A9 up to 1.3GHz
Memory2G DDR3
Flash4G eMMC
Storage InterfaceBuilt-in HDD Tray x 2 + SATA x 2
USB InterfaceUSB3.0 x 1 + USB2.0 x 1
Network InterfaceRJA-45 Ethernet Jack(10/100/1000M x2 (Support aggregation)
Other InterfaceStandby indicator + Power onoff button
AdapterDC 12V 5A
System Planning
UlELI Storage System
OSD LanguageSimplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese
Disk FormatNTFS, GPT, FAT
Characteristic FunctionTiming shutdown, hard disk sleep, hard disk self-checking
Plug-in FunctionThunder download, Transmission download, Synchronous Baidu network disk service, NFS service, Soundbar service, Print service, PHP service, DLNA service, FTP service, System log, etc.
1. Q: Does your Device come with an App ?
A: Yes, we develop an app to working with our device.
2. Q: What is the Reading Speed of your device ?
A: Reading speed from 120 - 160 Mbyte.
3. Q: Can your device offers Backup functions ?
A: Yes, it can backup.
4. Q: Can your file be transfer between different device ?
A: Sure, it can be shared between different device.
5. Q: What is the Flash capacity ?
A: We are using 4G eMMC.Wireless Home Theater System suppliers

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