85Hp 4WD Wheeled Tractor manufacturers

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85Hp 4WD Wheeled Tractor manufacturers

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◆Our History
As a Joint venture, YTO Group cooperation and China Africa Development Fund,
China Africa machinery Corporation, was founded in 2009, focusing on investment and trading in Africa and set-up platforms of distribution for Chinese machinery, as well as YTO’s machines. By now, its network covers almost all the African countries and the affiliated companies established in a few countries.
◆Our Factory
Most machines from YTO Group made in YTO manufacturing base in LUOYANG China. More than 40 factories manufacture 90% parts and assembly parts of YTO machines, real self-made equipments. YTO holds over 50 automatic production lines, including processing, assembling of assy parts and complete machines.
◆Our Product
Our products include machines from land preparation to harvester of crops. Machinery covering construction and engineering application; Multi-venhicles covering on kinds of engineering transportation.
◆Product Application
Agriculture, construction, mining industry, Road/off-road transportation.
◆Production site
◆Our Certificate
Quality system ISO 9001,Environment protection system certification ISO 14000, and many patents on key parts and complete machines technology.
◆Production Equipment
Outstanding complete manufacturing and assembling equipment.
◆Production Market
We have produced and supplied to the market over 3.5 million units of machines, active in over 100 countries and areas.
◆Our service
As customers’request, we have options of 1-year,2 years even 3-years warranty, and 10-15 years support of service, such as technical support, spares parts supplying and repairing services. 85Hp 4WD Wheeled Tractor manufacturers

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