Laminate Floor OEM Made in China

Was genau ist Dropshipping und wie funktioniert es ?
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Laminate Floor OEM Made in China

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■ Core Business
Shaanxi Hikon Wood Flooring Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing of wood floor for household and sports application with its business covering production, design, R&D, and construction. Hikon’s wood products mainly include hardwood floor, veneered plywood floor, flame-retardant plywood, HDF laminate floor and wood floor mat for auto.

■ Production Base
Our production is based in Dunhua City, Jilin Province of China. Hikon has possessed advanced and fully-integrated production line for manufacturing of wood-based floor. Our quality control system is targeted to offer customized product which strictly conforms to international standard. Our products inspire spaces where people live, work, learn and play. Our team of more than 100 employees is dedicated to provide the highest level of innovation, quality and service.

■ Core Products
Our product series is divided into both sports flooring and household decoration. Among those, the sports flooring is promoted and sold with the brand"Hikon". The series includes hardwood surface(such as Maple, Birch, Beech, Oak, Ash, etc), veneered plywood floor and sports flooring system. In addition, we are also offering the OEM/ODM service for our potential clients for backup to the development of our client's own branding.

Sports Flooring Wood Floor Laminate Floor Solid plywood
■ Certification
Hikon Wood FLoor has been awarded for the certificates that including ISO9001, BWF, ISET,etc
Laminate Floor OEM Made in China

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