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China Rescue Products factory

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Foldable PVC Kendrick Extrication Device with three colors straps
Product instruction of Kendrick extrication device
This Foldable PVC Kendrick Extrication Device with three colors straps can be used for multiple patient sizes, including children and pregnant women and sewn-in securing straps and snaplock buckles for quick operatio.
Technical features of Kendrick extrication device
1. Wraparound design provides horizontal flexibility for easy application and vertical rigidity for maximum support of the spine, neck and head during extrication.
2. Built-in handles enable rescuers to get a firm grip on the patient.
3. Adapts to a hip and pelvic splint by simple inversion.
4. Adjustable, fold-back sides permit easy access to patient's chest.
Welcome to buy the foldable pvc kendrick extrication device with three colors straps from us. Known as one of the leading manufacturers, we will not only offer you cheap price and good after-sale service but also fast delivery.China Rescue Products factory

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