China Medical operating table

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China Medical operating table

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Stainless Steel Multi-function Electric Gear Operation Room Table
The electric operating table is of the integrated multi-function type, which meets the demands of all kinds of operation. It can also be used for conducting X-ray examination and photography.
The base is made of high-quality stainless steel, while the table- board is made of High-quality carbon plastic plate, which is easy to clean and sterilizing. With Linak motor system, the table can be operated in a stable condition. It is characterized by flexible, reliable, non-pollution and long usage time.
Product Name multi-function electric operating room table
Table length2000mm±50mm
Table width500mm±20mm
Main voltage:AC220V 50HZ
Input power300VA
Height Adjustable(750-1000)±50mm
Back forward≥35°
Left forward≥15°
Head board fold upward≥40°
Head board fold down≥90°
Waist board lifting≥100mm
Leg board fold downward≥90°
Leg board fold outward≥90°
Backboard fold upward≥45°
Backboard fold downward≥20°
Standard Accessories
Anesthesia screen frame 1piece
Neck support1 pair
Leg support1 pair
Should support1 pair
Waist support1 pair
Arm rest 1 pair
Hand control 1piece
Application scene
Function display
More Details
Advanced Workshop
YONGFA MEDICAL concentrate on this field,adopting advanced technologies like robot welding,laser CNC manufacturing center,plastic injection and below machine,auto-intelligent powder coating line,electrophoresis painting system and auto-assembly and packing line etc..
Welcome to visit our FactoryChina Medical operating table

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