Bamboo Wall Cladding suppliers

Was genau ist Dropshipping und wie funktioniert es ?
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Bamboo Wall Cladding suppliers

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Product of Bamboo Plywood for Bamboo Wall Cladding.
Two City Industry produce bamboo plywood for different projects. More and more contractors and builders prefer to use our Bamboo Plywood for Bamboo Wall Cladding, which will bring more natural and beauty for homes.
Bamboo Plywood for Bamboo Wall Cladding and wall panels are produced from laminated bamboo panel with finest quality of bamboo strips, pressed with healthy and environmental adhesive, milled with high-tech machines, which will ensure bamboo cladding in high quality and fit the house perfectly. Why Bamboo? Bamboo have many advantage as showing here.
Bamboo is small diameter, stalk is hollow, taper degree, its structure is very different than wood. Bamboo panel is pressed from bamboo strips with high temperature and high pressure into various specifications. Bamboo panel has the advantages of low water absorption, low coefficient of expansion, no splitting and deformed. The hardness of bamboo panel is up to 32HB (beech is only 24HB), density is up to 0.79g per cm3 (beech is only 0.63g), the compressive strength of 1271kg/cm2 (beech is less than 600kgs).
Bamboo panel is the idea material for wall panel and ceiling cladding because bamboo is most famous green material and certified by LEED - US Green Building Council over 4 years. With bamboo involved into house decoration, bamboo flooring is the first introduction and it looks really beautiful and natural.
Bamboo cladding brings you new idea how your wall and ceiling could be cool look and really different than wood or paper. Bamboo wall panel could improve the room to be unique and uplifting presence by its natural color and texture. Bamboo cladding also can bring a visual lift to the kitchen, master bedroom, luxury spa, offbeat or home office.
Bamboo wall panel is in 3 parts, top is 50 x 10mm, bottom is 80 x 10mm, the middle is 103 x 5mm. Height of cladding depends on the height of your wall.
Bamboo Plywood for Bamboo Wall Cladding comes in mainly, both horizontal and vertical grains.Bamboo Wall Cladding suppliers

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