Hollow Pipe forging

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Hollow Pipe forging

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Drill collar
A drill collar is at the bottom of the drill string and is the major component of the BHA. It is an important part of petroleum drilling. It is a device used in the drilling of oil wells for weighting the drill bit, enabling it to drill through rock. It is a bar made of solid steel, either plain carbon steel or a non-magnetic steel alloy, drilled lengthwise to permit the passage of drilling fluids. A drill collar forms the lowest element of a drill string, which encompasses all the elements of a down-hole process from the surface to the rock bit.
Drill collars are thick-wall tubulars machined from solid steel bars and manufactured to specifications to meet and/or exceed API specifications. Our advantages is in materials specification, mechanical properties, heat treatment, machining and inspection are reflected in our product performance. Drill collars come in slick and spiral designs with additional features for safe and trouble-free operations.
Q2.What products can you supply?
A:forged steel, iron and heavy forgings by drawing
LAIWU FORGING CO., LTD offers free forgings, gear shafts and other designed forgings. Our company is a successful manufacturer and supplier, we devoted ourselves to oil and gas industries, wind energy industries, machinery industries , iron and steel industries and so on for many years. We will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China. Our typical customer includes SMS Group, GE, Siemens, Danieli and JIER MACHINE-TOOL GROUP CO.,LTD and other big steel groups.Hollow Pipe forging

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