External Rotor Axial Fan suppliers

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External Rotor Axial Fan suppliers

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Mesh Enclosure External Rotor Axial Fan
Material: Screen: steel,surface treatment and powder painting/painting
Air duct: Steel plate,surface treatment and powder painting/painting
Blade: Steel plate,surface treatment and powder painting/painting
Rotor: Outer surface powder painting/painting
Blade number: 5
Direction of rotation: According to the leading-out terminal of rotor-clockwise/anticlockwise
Protection class: IP54
Insulation class: B (F Grade applicable)
Installation: Horizontal or vertical installation
Operate mode: Continuous duty
Bearing: Maintenance-free Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Operating Elevation: ≤4000 m
Operating air humidity: < 90ºC
Operating ambient temperature: -25ºC~+60ºC for general products
Products for unconventional environment are acceptable to be customized.
2 Pole: 2650RPM Single/Three phase (ϕ200/250/300/350/400mm) Available
4 Pole: 1400RPM Single/Three phase (ϕ200/250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600/710/800mm) Available
Application fields: Kitchens, industrial and mining factories and other places with serious oil, soot and dust.
Advantages: High efficiency & Whole sealing & low noise and vibration& compact structure and attractive appearance( impeller directly fixed on the ex-circle) &short axial size & Maintenance prevention & Widely applicable
CERTIFICATION: CE & ISO9001 External Rotor Axial Fan suppliers

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