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Nets manufacturers

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Our nbets are made by customer requirements . catalogue: safety nets . vessel nets . rescue nets . gangway nets .etc. Safety net is a kind of labor protection device that prevents falling injury. It is widely used in all kinds of high places.Safety net is involving state property and the personal safety of special labor protection articles, its product quality must be the designated by the state supervision and inspection department inspection qualified after having obtained the production license, and can produce. Each batch of safety net leaves factory, must have the inspection report of inspection department. Each safety net should be in different locations, attached with the national supervision department inspection certificate and the enterprise self-inspection certificate. There should be a permanent mark on the label, which should include the name of the manufacturer, date of manufacture, batch number, material, specification, weight and production license number.
Safety net is one of the most effective safety protection facilities. It also plays an important role in avoiding and mitigating falling and damage. Safety net is an essential protective equipment for high altitude operation. Due to different safety requirements of different construction projects, different specifications and erection methods are also different. The safety net is mostly made of nylon rope with a diameter of 9mm. The mesh is 10 ~ 14cm, the mesh 3m x 6m and 4m x 8m, and the bearing requirement is not less than 160kg/m2. Since safety nets are designed to protect the safety of workers in high places and to prevent injuries and injuries, they must be strictly observed in the course of use :
1. The safety net must be placed under the upper part of the operation; When the height of the building exceeds 4m, a safety net should be set up along with the wall gradually rising, and then a fixed safety net will be set every four meters. The safety net must be set in the outer frame, bridge frame, upper and lower hole.
2. The erection of safety net should be low and high, and the difference of the expenditure part is generally around 5Ocm; There is no fracture and bending of the strut. The gap between the inner edge and the wall should be less than 15cm; The lowest point of the net is greater than the surface of the object below 3m.Nets manufacturers

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