punch press machine

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punch press machine

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AMD- H series thick plate special CNC punch machine
AMD- H series thick plate special CNC punch machine performance characteristics as follows:
●Welding lathe bed overall tempering treatment, eliminate stress; Over wide guide design, machine tool with large span, flank movement of feeding platform, reduce the friction between the plate and platform, increase the level and support gender of machine.
●Industrial computer (industrial PC) system, adopting AMADA CNC processing software, can achieve AutoCAD graphics automatically converts for processing code; No need manual programming and processing
●Servo motor, straight guide rail, ball screw, pneumatic component all adopt Imported brand.
●Equipped with our company research and development of multiple station die to punch thick plate, use the AMDADA standard mould, between each station can realize automatic changing mould.
●Adopt float clamp, clamping force is strong, When stamping with plate float, effectively eliminate the stamping spare force, guarantee the stamping accuracy of the thickness plate;
●Equipped with automatic centralized lubricating system, each lubricating point can achieve automatic centralized lubrication, improve service life. punch press machine

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